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The Mediapreneurs Community is a non-profit social hub that  provides the right climate and resources; such as: electronic tools (ebooks, videos, audios), workshop/training, virtual mentorship, grants & scholarships as a means of raising the next generation of media entrepreneurs as well as meeting their needs.

Our objective is to increase Nigerian youths access to media/digital skills. We seek to achieve this by trailblazing mediapreneurship empowerment in Nigeria…

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Our Offerings
What We Provide
Media Tools & Resources
Media tools and resources such as softwares, e-books, media hacks / tips are at the disposals of members, to foster their media operations & knowledge.
Skills Transfer Programme
We facilitate free media training and workshops, targeted at youths in communities/tertiary institutions across South-Western Nigeria (Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo)
Virtual Mentorship
Users of this platform have the opportunity of leveraging on virtual mentorship from knowledgeable mentors in the media industry
Networking Opportunities
Visitors and members have access to physically / virtually network media entrepreneurs and professionals who they share similar ideology with
Angel Investors
Mediapreneurs Community connects media startup with Angel investors who provide seed funds for business growth.
Co-Ideation Partnerships
Our platform fosters media innovation by bringing media entrepreneurs together for the purpose of idea test-bedding and strategic partnerships
Community Members
Trainings / Workshops Facilitated
Mediapreneurs Empowered
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