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The Mediapreneurs Community is a non-profit social hub that provides the right climate and resources; such as: electronic tools (ebooks, videos, audios), workshop/training, virtual mentorship, grants & scholarships as a means of raising the next generation of media entrepreneurs as well as meeting their needs.

Our objective is to increase Nigerian youths access to media/digital skills. We seek to achieve this by trailblazing mediapreneurship empowerment in Nigeria and fostering innovation amongst Nigerian youths by providing them with support services needed to make them employers of labour, which ultimately transcends to reducing unemployment as well as poverty in Nigeria.

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Being a stakeholder in the mediapreneurs community means you’ll be part of something genuinely special and provide you with access to resources that will help you grow and develop your business. They include:

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Our Mission is to empower Nigerian youth with media skills and resources as a means of raising the new generations of media entrepreneurs and consequently reduce unemployment by 6.5% before 2030.

Solomon Adetokunbo / Executive Director (Operations) – Co Founder Mediapreneurs

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The community of mediapreneur is a colony of young dynamic media visionaries who synergise efforts together for greater good and societal development.

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Our imaginations and creative process are unfettered by the laws of logic. However, we are guided by ethical values and principles that govern our conducts.

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