Six Highly Effective Steps Mediapreneurs Must Adopt To Be Successful

Most youths in Nigeria consider themselves as Mediapreneurs just because they can handle the camera or because they know how to post pictures and attract a lot of followings on Social Media. Does that Make them Mediapreneurs? the answer is No! Today we will share with you six effective steps every aspiring mediapreneurs must explore to succeed. These steps shared by David Siteman Garland, founder of the hugely successful The Rise to the Top programs and training for mediapreneurs is indeed insightful and should be taken seriously.

These steps were not just spewn together in a coffee shop. David has found through his hundreds of interviews with successful mediapreneurs and in his own work building his successful brand that there are 6 core strategies that create the most financial (and emotional) reward and success for mediapreneurs.

David’s 6 strategies for highly successful mediapreneurship are:

1.    Build relationships with human resources in your space

David explains that there are specific challenges inherent with a mediapreneur business.  Many people think that “online” means they can hide behind their computer and never talk to anyone.  But it doesn’t work that way.  David encourages us to “get off our butts” and get going, connecting, sharing, networking and appearing at key events, and building relationships with everyone you can in your space.  Get out there talking to people, and interacting with those who care about what you’re offering, and other great folks who are serving the same audience.  Engage in social media too with the key influencers and product creators, entrepreneurs, and authors who are making a difference.

Another powerful way to build relationships is to conduct and deliver content-rich interviews with the folks you admire in your space.  What’s fabulous about interviews is that you’re not asking your interviewees to help you promote something – you’re giving, not taking.  David shares, “It’s as if you’re having a party in honor of this individual who inspires you.”   You’re learning all along the way too, which serves your own growth as well as that of your community who looks to you for guidance and support.

If your goal is to build a successful mediapreneurship and you don’t want to be social and build relationships, then this most likely is not the right direction for you.

2. Interact with as many people as you can

As you begin to become more and more popular, you’ll attract hundreds of folks checking out your content.  You’ll receive comments on your site, tweets asking questions, people hoping to connect via social media and accessing your site’s contact form, and so on.  Different groups with varying needs will want access to you.  Lots of “experts” will advise you, “Be careful – you don’t want to be accessible.” But to David, that’s malarkey.  You absolutely want to be in there responding and interacting personally as much as you can.  Certainly, over time, you’ll have scalability issues and you’ll need someone to help you answer emails and queries.

But David believes in the power of personal response and engagement, and responds to as many comments and questions as he can.  He shared a cautionary tale of an individual with a great brand he recently experienced who launched a high-quality web show, but the hostess simply never interacted with fans, ever.  Unfortunately, the show just withered on the vine.  You can’t build success this way.  When people reach out to share that they loved your show or with a question, you can’t be invisible.  They’ll think, “Who needs this?” and they’d be right. You need to demonstrate to your fans that they’ve been heard and appreciated.

3. Host mind-blowing webinars

Webinars are a powerful tool to build a mediapreneur’s platform successfully.  They do two things very well.  First, a webinar is an event with a “buzz” – it’s an exciting, live experience, and folks are encouraged to show up and give their contact info to register, so it’s a terrific list and relationship builder with your target audience.

Secondly, webinars are fabulous for selling products and information that continue the learning for your community.  David follows the “90/10” rule – he offers pure, unfiltered educational content for 90% of the webinar, followed by 10% of time dedicated to pitching a follow-up program that presents deeper coverage or a different angle that’s important.  David doesn’t hold anything back in the webinar; he teaches what needs to be understood about a specific topic.  But the follow-up product takes it to the next level or digs deeper.  The 10% part that is the pitch is not a “pushy push” – it’s an authentic, legitimate communication of a follow-up product that will serve the audience well.

4.  Make your website clean, responsive & easy to navigate

David shares that no matter how people hear of you, they’ll go to your site to check you out.  If it looks terrible, you’ll have a problem.  People mistakenly think that “The content will speak for itself” but unfortunately, that’s not true – looks do matter.  Content is critical but design is 50% of your message and of the equation.  You are the star of your brand, and how your site looks, including your optins, your downloadable content, your graphics and photos, etc. – are essential in reflecting who you are and what you have to offer.  Spend the time and money necessary for a great web design — this is your home base on the internet and design is not one place to skimp. Hire a designer who really “gets” you and captures your personality and essence to a tee.  For David, his design reflects his personality – offering a fun, casual, “edutainment” vibe.  The key lesson is this – the worst vibe is no vibe at all.

5. Keep your email & social media top-notch

No one would argue that a key part of your success as mediapreneur is having subscribers, fans and an audience.  Years ago, David made the mistake of considering everyone – no matter where they came from – a “subscriber.” He’d encourage people to follow him on Twitter and Facebook, until his friend, online marketing expert Derek Halpern of SocialTriggers.com – said “You idiot! You’re doing it all wrong!” Derek asked David, “When you sold your last product, what generated the most income and the strongest relationships?” The answer was email.

Email forges a more personal and intimate relationship.  In what turned out to be a one-year experiment, David removed all the social media icons from his site and focused on obtaining email optins.  In doing so, his email signups went through the roof. He’s been able to build great relationships with people via email, and is able to sell them more quality programs and products.  Revenue went way up, but ironically, so did his social media following.

6. Create an awesome, flagship online course

Finally, David is most excited about this strategy, because he’s neck deep in the process of creating online courses and helping others to do it.  David feels that producing compelling and informative courses is the strongest way to monetize your content.

As mediapreneurs, we hear thousands of messages about the different recommended models through which to generate revenue – membership sites, coaching, courses — and let’s face it: they all work. The ones you choose depend on what you personally like and where you want to put the effort.

Last year, David decided he wanted to teach his community how to deliver interview shows successfully, and he grappled with the best format for the content.  Several of his friends said “Do it as a course!”  David agreed, and then sought to learn everything he could about the topic – conducted scores of interviews, read hundreds of articles and books, discovered what he liked and what he didn’t in terms of guidance from others.  In doing so, he realized that the mixed advice out there creates a great deal of confusion and overwhelm for the beginning course developer.  He simplified the process and presented it in his Create Awesome Interviews course, which generated over six figures from a very small but committed subscriber list.

*  *  *  *  *

Now that you have read though David’s recomendation, take a minute and think through your existing strategy. Which of David’s strategies resonates most with yours right now as a new mediapreneur on your way to the top?


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